Tipper semi trailer rental

Proven solution for bulk materials

Tipper semi trailers are among the best solutions for transporting sand, gravel, agricultural products, construction materials and other heavy bulk cargo. They are widespread in construction due to their reliability and hydraulic lifting mechanism, which allows for quick unloading of cargo by tipping the trailer bed.

Isometric illustration of a tipper semi trailer

Key features of our tipper trailers

Remote-controlled hydraulic system provides precise control over the tipping operation, allowing for smooth unloading.

Lift axles enhance ride stability and fuel efficiency, especially when carrying heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

Hydraulic tailgate makes the unloading process more convenient and safe.

Features like spare tyre carriers, toolboxes, and more help reduce transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Tipper semi trailers are available with different body designs, sizes and payload capacities.

The trailer bed is heat insulated, helping to maintain the asphalt’s temperature during transit.

What you should know about tipper trailers

Tipper semi trailers come with various specifications. The trailer length can range between 7 to 10 metres, the internal height ranges from 1,4 to 2,4 metres, and the internal width is around 2,4 metres. The cargo capacity of a tipper trailer typically ranges between 20 to 65 m³.

The payload capacity of tipper trailers is up to 36 tonnes.

Tipper trailers are versatile and can transport a wide range of bulk materials, including sand, gravel, asphalt, soil, agricultural products, waste, and similar materials.

Tipper semi-trailers provide several advantages over moving floor trailers. Firstly, they have fewer moving parts, which generally means simpler maintenance and repair. Secondly, tipper trailers can unload cargo more quickly than moving floor trailers. Additionally, tipper trailers may be more cost-effective to purchase and maintain compared to moving floor trailers.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the reliability and safety of our curtainsider trailers throughout the rental period. This includes regular inspections, maintenance checks, and any repairs for natural wear and tear.

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