Curtainsider semi trailer rental

Efficiency meets accessibility

Curtainsiders are among the most widely used options for cargo transportation due to their versatility. Their easily accessible sides enable quick and effective unloading, even in tight conditions. Curtainsider trailers are favored by businesses in retail distribution, construction, and event logistics.

Isometric illustration of a curtainsider semi trailer

Key features of our curtainsiders

Adjustable sliding curtains provide easy access to cargo from both sides of the trailer, speeding up the loading process.

Allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo from the top of the trailer using overhead equipment.

Various integrated load securing systems prevent shifting and damage to cargo.

Lift axles enhance ride stability and fuel efficiency, especially when carrying heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

Enables efficient transportation of cargo by both road and rail, leveraging the strengths of each mode.

Features like spare tyre carriers, pallet boxes, and more help reduce transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

What you should know about curtainsider trailers

Curtainsider trailers come with various specifications. Typically, the trailer length is 13,6 metres, the internal height ranges from 2,6 to 2,7 metres, and the internal width is around 2,4 metres. The cargo capacity of a curtainsider trailer is approximately 90 m³.

For oversized or lightweight cargo, you might prefer our mega trailers.

If you are seeking a solution for heavier loads, take a look at our coil trailers.

The payload capacity of curtainsider trailers typically ranges from 32 to 34 tonnes, depending on the specifications.

No, while curtainsider trailers are very versatile, they are not designed for transporting perishable goods because they lack temperature control systems. However, we do offer refrigerated trailers equipped with special temperature systems for such cargo.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the reliability and safety of our curtainsider trailers throughout the rental period. This includes regular inspections, maintenance checks, and any repairs for natural wear and tear.

Yes, if you have specific requirements for dimensions, accessibility, cargo space, or other similar features, we can offer trailers with custom specifications and logo/colors for long-term contracts.

Yes, with the telematics system provided by the manufacturer, you can monitor the trailer's location, speed, tyre pressures, and other parameters in real time.


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