Moving floor semi trailer rental

Innovative bulk material transport

Moving floor trailers have a mechanized floor system composed of a series of slats that move hydraulically, enabling automatic unloading of cargo without the need for tipping. This innovative design makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Moving floor trailers are commonly used in forestry, agriculture, and waste management.

Isometric illustration of a moving floor semi trailer

Key features of our moving floor trailers

Available with various floor plank profiles designed for different types of cargo.

Hydraulic tailgate makes the unloading process more convenient and safe.

Allows for easy control of the floor movement from a distance, improving safety and efficiency.

Sides that open from both sides make the loading process quicker and are useful in confined loading spaces.

Allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo from the top of the trailer using overhead equipment.

Lift axles enhance ride stability and fuel efficiency, especially when carrying heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

What you should know about moving floor trailers

Moving floor trailers come with various specifications. Typically, the trailer length is 13,6 metres, the internal height ranges from 2,6 to 2,7 metres, and the internal width is around 2,4 metres. The cargo capacity of a moving floor trailer is approximately 90 m³.

The payload capacity of moving floor trailers is up to 34 tonnes.

Moving floor trailers can transport a wide range of bulk cargo, including grains, wood chips, soil, waste, and similar materials.

Moving floor trailers offer two major advantages over traditional tipper trailers. Firstly, moving floor trailers require less space for unloading, which means they can be utilized indoors and in confined loading spaces. Secondly, tipper semi-trailers can fall over on uneven loading surfaces, whereas there is no such risk with moving floor trailers.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the reliability and safety of our curtainsider trailers throughout the rental period. This includes regular inspections, maintenance checks, and any repairs for natural wear and tear.

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